"I thoroughly recommend these great informal photo walks around Moraira under Karla's expert guidance - you'll learn the best ways to shoot all the 'famous' landmarks and places of beauty and improve your photography skills! I would say that looking up and looking 'outside the box' stood out for me, so you can get shots that most other people maybe wouldn't look for. And of course learning about light compensation for when the sun is shining brightly and auto isn't good enough! Karla's teaching style was direct, friendly and thorough and the whole session was nice and informal."

* Linda Ferguson


"I bought my Nikon camera some years ago and have been struggling with the various dials on it ever since.  After Karla's photo workshop I feel so much more confident using it.  We learnt about how to control the aperture to let in more or less light, which controls were best for action shots and which for close ups and we learnt about composition, perspective and narrative.  A great morning and of course with the wonderful countryside and beach Moraig of the Cumbre."
* Chris Wood, Javea


"Really enjoyed the JAVEA WALK with Karla on Friday. I definitely learned lots as I’ve walked around these streets numerous times without knowing the history. Really informative and Karla is a wonderful guide. She definitely tried to keep us on schedule!! I know Anna really enjoyed it as well. I don’t know how Karla retains all the knowledge that she has. Anyway if I can come back from a tour and take and remember a few historical points I’m happy. Karla is an inspiration. Here are some photos that I took."

* Patricia... Canadian snowbird in Moraira


"I did not know that "Sultana" was actually a brand name invented in Jávea nor did I know what those Christmas shortbread sweets you see in all the shops in December are really made of. These were just two of the fascinating facts about Jávea's history and culture I learnt on Karla's fantastic historical walk of Jávea old town. Buildings I have walked past for years and not really looked at - all had interesting stories to tell. Jávea has been prized as a jewel by different sections of Spain and even different countries for centuries. If you look down at the floor in the tourist office you are actually looking into open graves that are hundreds of years old. It was interesting also hearing about the various wealthy families that had their palaces and businesses in Jávea hundreds of years ago - names that you still hear locally today. The walk finally settled the question of what caused the damage to the outside walls of the church - cannon fire in the 1800's and gunfire from the civil war. If you live in Jávea or are just passing through you really have to go on this walk."

 * Chris Wood, Javea


El Greco lecture. Loved it!! I could really sense the " mystery" behind  some of  the  paintings. Loved the colours! I had forgotten that blue stood for  purity and  red associated with christ. Also, I was  fascinated at the  "boyish" quality of the youth and of some of the men El Greco painted, even Jesus. There were a LOT of  surprises. I Love Karla's lectures!!!
* Christa


"Great walk with Karla this morning. I learned so much about the old town and its history. The fact that I've been in the tourist office many times but never noticed the glass floor really impressed me. I didn't bring it up at the time but wondered why the statue of Loreta by Franco's monument was facing towards the church and not out to sea, if it was there for protection. Thoroughly recommend it"

* Eileen Jackson, Benitachell


"I have been visiting Jávea and surrounding areas as a tourist for a decade. I moved to Gata De Gorgos permanently 2 months ago & wanted to find out about my new home & surrounding areas. Jávea is a favourite place of mine & I would recommend Karla’s Javea Walk to anyone new to the area or anyone who wants to find out more. The tour was informative, engaging & has inspired me to return/find out more. Karla is passionate & this shone through in this tour & was much appreciated. She is informative, engaging & made whatever being discussed come to life. Yes, yes & yes I recommend Karla."

* Linda Lockwood, Gata De Gorgos