I have known Karla Darocas for more than three years now.  We met through the Women In Business Club, where Karla was organising an educational evening of Natural Health.  It was a very successful evening and I was not only impressed with Karla's enthusiasm for her chosen cause but also with her professionalism throughout the whole evening.  This was to be the start of a long and successful relationship within the Women In Business Club.

The success of this organisation very much depends on the hard work and dedication of Karla, keeping everybody informed and working together as a team to keep the Issue of Domestic Violence very much in the news and giving women in crisis a very much needed lifeline.  Without the skills and knowledge of Karla acting as the organ grinder, sending relevant information out to us daily, this group would not be the success it is today.

Karla introduced another of her skills to us recently with regard to internet video and encouraging people to share their skills and knowledge through the internet.  Being in front of a camera is something that makes me very very nervous and when asked, I was hesitant.

I must say, that Karla was very professional and made me feel at ease immediately.  The whole experience did not interfere with my working day and overall was enjoyable, fun and interesting.  I certainly won't be hesitant next time!

Janet Brownrigg (Lic.Dip.Ac. C.Ac.China)


Just wanted to say a huge thank for her tutoring me in website development. After several months of debating who to get to set up my webpage I decided that to learn to do it myself was by far the best option.

Herr expertise in how to market the business was invaluable and her made it easy and logical and now my website is up and running on the internet and in such a short space of time. I maintain it on a regular basis and have no one to have to harass to get this done - fantastic.

Cannot sing her praises enough and I have recommended her to many friends and associates.

Thanks again

Cath Hunter


I would just like to thank her once again for all the invaluable help her have given me in setting up the computing and networking side to my new financial company.  I certainly would not be at this stage of my business if it were not for her.  As her know, I had many frustrating months trying other “so called experts” in the I.T consulting industry and was not getting anywhere.  I only regret that her had not been recommended to me sooner.

As discussed I will be requiring her consulting services on a regular basis for this year starting next month and I will certainly recommend her expertise and her motivating teaching skills to my business associates.

Once again thank her for all her professional help.

Carlo Ferrari M.Sc,
Founder & CEO


You meet many people along the way in yourlife - and if you are lucky you are privileged to find a few that are very special. Karla Darocas is one of those special people - unique, talented in so many ways, intelligent, inspiring, creative and much more.

She has been alongside me since the very first concept of my business, helping me to give birth to and then manage my own website, developing and enlarging my ideas, giving me her thoughts, both negative and positive, on anything I wanted to achieve, and above all encouraging me to be practical but creative and expansive.

I  would urge anyone who is starting a business, who already has a business, or who wants to learn about Computers and the Internet to contact Karla as soon as possible.

You wont regret it!
Sue Coley


I've known Karla since 1990 and she understands the music business from the ground up having worked in her own record store and also as a freelance music writer for various publications and had her own radio show. She also produced some concerts of which I had the privilege to play on.

She was one of the first people to get a website set up and encouraged artists like myself to do the same.

Karla has created and managed my web site for the past number of years.

Karla has a great disposition, knowledgeable and very easy to work with.

She's the greatest!

Paul James