Hello, My name is Robert Harris, and I am the Co-founder of the European School of Craneosacral Therapy

I hired Karla to help me set up a new web page with videos and slides, and to produce a professional power point presentation.

She has taught me how-to be independent of the existing web page designers and to take back the control of producing my own web page. Karla has also shown me neat ways to produce  video and slide material to enhance the web page and presentations at minimum cost.

Her technology tools and strategies have taught me many shortcuts to saving money and time.

Karla teaching style is professional and oriented towards improving my skills without creating a dependency on her. She is very refreshing in the web page world.

I would recommend Karla as a qualified and knowledgeable freelance educator because she cuts through the jargon and empowers the client.

Robert Harris
European School of Craniosacral Therapy