Photography Training Testimonial

My photography class with Karla Darocas was very exciting.

First of all it was a joy to watch the introductory video with a range of photos accompanied by uplifting music. The multi-media presentation is coordinated with a very clear instruction sheet that includes details about how to discover beauty in a photo, like symmetry, harmony, balanced or with rhythm and repetition, etc.

Then we all walked outside into the beautiful old town of Jávea to actually see and feel these different principles of beauty in the urban landscape.

Karla is an entertaining and grounded teacher who not only points out the lighting and colour of objects but also adds fascinating art-history details about – in this case- Jávea like the story behind the fort-church of San Bartolome.

After the walk, the group gathered at a café for drinks and the students exchanging experiences and results of their photo shoot. This was as educational as the whole evening. After 33 years visiting Jávea with regularity, I saw this enchanting centre in a completely new perspective!

Trudi van Dorp, June 2013.