Tech Training Testimonial

"I write this testimonial with many, many thanks to Karla for the marvelous job she has done on my website .. which was a bit of a disaster before she made the wonderful changes to it.  I am extremely pleased with it and have gotten two out of the blue inquiries just today, which I'm sure I would never have received if she hadn't gotten me coming up first on Yahoo. 

Before now, I was somewhat reluctant to send people to my site because it wasn't very good or representative of my work, but I now I take real pleasure in sending them there.  She is great to work with, and seemed to know exactly what my site needed, without me even saying a word!!!!!

It had been some time since we had been in touch and I did not realize she was as skilled at website design as she really is - and I would highly recommend Karla to any and all folks who are looking to have an amazing site built!!!!!   

We've both had some adventures since we first met here in Oshawa, Ontario some years ago and the fact that she can build such a great site from half a world away - speaks for itself." 

Linda Smith,
Folk Artist & Decorative Painter,
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.