Tech Training Testimonial

On the recommendation of a friend, I engaged the services of Karla Darocas to obtain advice and help in setting up a website for a business which I was about to start in the UK.

Karla was able to see me promptly. We met in her office. I explained what I thought my business needed and she explained how she could help. I am not IT literate having relied on the IT department of a big company for many years but I found her an exceptionally able and patient teacher.

Karla explained how the web worked. I told her the site name which I thought would be right for my business (legal services for the nuclear industry) and, having checked its availability, she reserved it immediately online. She went on to show me how websites were designed and what the basic requirements were in terms of content.

I went away and prepared the basic content which was a photo of myself and a lot of words.

Shortly after, we met for a second lesson. I had the content with me in electronic form and with her guidance this was re-cast in my presence using the website programme Frontpage, with Karla introducing "buttons", layout, colour etc to give it a really professional look. Karla's teaching approach is ideal because you don't just get a website you also get the skills to alter or indeed create a website.

Thus, armed with the skills needed to play about with the site in its draft format, I did exactly that using my laptop on which Karla had loaded Frontpage and the new draft website.

So on my third visit to Karla, I took the laptop. I knew exactly what I wanted and she was able to put in the final touches, again in my presence and all the time explaining to me what she was doing so that in future I could do it myself.

When I subsequently needed some help, I emailed Karla and within minutes received an intelligent reply. She has also been available on the phone to advise.

Karla charges a very reasonable hourly rate and, given that her total hours were five, I felt that this was a very cost-effective way of creating a website.

Frazer don Carolis