Tech Training Testimonial

I have known Karla for over 16 years, having met her through the Women in Business Club. I am always amazed by her wide variety of knowledge in subjects including art, marketing, and technology. She has supported and helped me with her computer expertise. 

In 2009, she built me a website for my business and taught me how to manage it. Thanks to her great tutoring skills and advice, I am able to make tweaks to it myself. However, she is always on hand to help me if needed and has done so on numerous occasions when I had ‘brain fog’ on what to do. 

Her creative skills are amazing; she always seems to be popping up with new ideas. I am sure her Digital Marketing tutoring will enhance anyone’s business and expand their general knowledge and ability. 

She has been and is a great friend. I happily recommend her technology skills and wish her every success in building her client base. 

Carol Lockhart – Lliber, 2024