At short notice and very efficiently Karla helped me to create a website for the project I’m currently working on.  

I was especially impressed with her professionalism and the way she created a graphic image with PhotoScape for the site.  Karla taught me to maintain a blog website using her skills and knowledge and for such a low cost. 

Really - with Karla's help - you can’t afford not to have one!

Kerry Edwards, Calpe


I had been having  problems with my web designer, which went back 18 months and wasted a lot of money. I asked Karla via email as to whether I was capable of taking it over. Karla assured me I was. 

After a few simple lessons at her office and a free copy of a website authoring programme, I was steaming ahead with changes. I finally published my website after 1 week, and every time I look at it I smile. I am happy not just because of what I achieved, which is brilliant, but because I can imagine the surprised look on the web designer's face when he saw it too!

Karla gave me confidence to actually take back my power, and there is no stopping me now. If I can do it, anyone can, and I would recommend doing it sooner rather than later, so you won't be counting the costs like I was.

I wish I'd met her a year ago - it would have saved my sanity, and my money. I can't thank Karla enough. 

I feel empowered!

Jane Foley


I hired Karla Darocas to help me promote, market and improve my already existing business. She has helped me to create a visually pleasing and cost effective website that I have complete control of, which is a luxury almost impossible to acquire.

Within 1 week my website was active and gaining hits. Karla is extremely knowledgeable in her field and has the ability to listen and advise simultaneously.

I believe Karla is worth her weight in gold and urge you to not hesitate in considering her as a major factor in pushing your business that step further.

Kelly Tyler


Karla is a computer whizz-kid and runs courses to show people how to build and manage their own web-sites, blogs, do problem solving to name but a few. She and her husband Jose can resolve hardware problems as well as software. In addition to the computer courses Karla also runs courses to help people build their businesses, deal with advertising, promotion and develop entrepreneurial skills. She regularly writes articles for local newspapers, which can be both informative and helpful.

On top of her other skills Karla is an accomplished artist and photographer. As well as painting normal pictures her colourful flowers can be found adorning various items of clothing, which can make the most ordinary T-shirt, jacket, or skirt bespoke.

Somehow she also finds time to run a business from her home in Benitachell selling a selection of organic and chemical free Aloe Vera based products. There are creams, lotions and potions to help keep your skin moisturised, to treat sunburn, eczema, acne and a whole range of other things. Do try them they are lovely and very reasonably priced.

Karla has recently helped me to build my own blog, which I am now quickly learning how to manage. This has saved me a lot of money, which would have been paid to a website design service. However, I can now add products, change the layout, highlight an offer and be in charge of it. All it costs me is my time.

Many thanks Karla and best wishes for your continued success.

Carol Lockhart


I first met Karla in February 2010 when I joined her business class in Benitachell. I then went on to having private computer lessons with her in order to learn to design my website and web pages. 

Several months on and I am still going to lessons. I have learnt lots of different things about the Internet and websites that I had no idea about before.

I would recommend Karla to all my friends and clients now and in the future.

Laura Isaacs, Pedreguer, Costa Blanca.


I would like to recommend any one who is thinking about or has a business, however small, to invest their time and money in attending the business development course I attended in February 2010.

The course was designed and taught by Karla Darocas and it was aimed specifically at new business start ups. I found the course invaluable, as starting a business is hard enough, but to begin in Spain is very different. Karla taught us all aspects of business development and Spanish hints and tip that were priceless at saving time and effort. The written course work really supported the lectures and encouraged discussions and sharing of our own experiences.

Karla’s style of lecturing is enthusiastic, passionate and inventive. Her enthusiasm is infectious and really she inspired me to go out there and be successful.

After completing the course Karla is always on-hand to encourage, support and help, so you don’t feel left on your own. Since the course, I have given my counselling business a new lease of life and am busier than I have ever been.

Margaret Lewis
Councelling & Coffee


I first met Karla during a Women in Business Club meeting and she was always so enthusiastic about her work. As I always want to learn more, I then participated her in her business incubator course.

I felt that the course was very useful and I hope to learn some more from Karla. I do want to learn more about how to make a website, so I'll be back.

Marja Schermacher, Teulada


I was signed up to Karla's business class by a friend of mine, we had both decided to go into business together and  felt that we needed a little guidance. We both thoroughly enjoyed Karla's course, which was very informative. 

Karla apart from being a fun person, knows what she is teaching and imparts it in a way that can be easily understood. It was fantastic to be in a group of only women, and feel like no question was too "stupid".

I highly recommend Karla's course and hope to attend another in the near future.

Lynda Ceen, Javea, Alicante


I met Karla through the Women in Business club. She was the creator and was very interesting. Later, I had a 3 hour lesson on creating my own website, which was great fun and I can still manage my website myself.

Earlier this year (Feb.2010) I attended Karla's Business course and this has helped me tremendously with my new venture. 

The sessions were well thought out and lots of information was backed up by written sheets, (course notes) that we were give throughout.

I would recommend Karla to teach you.

Ann Martin


There aren’t many people I would promote or recommend but Karla and Jose are 2 for sure. Check out one of Costa Blanca’s best kept secrets.

Karla and Jose are one helluva team, combining talent and skill with in depth knowledge of just about anything and everything to do with computers and technical ’stuff’.

They are also really nice! Karla also successfully combines ‘arty stuff’ with her technical side and you should check out some of Karla’s work, it’s amazing and of course, utterly unique.

I personally cannot praise them enough for much help with internet, TV and telephone assistance both here at home and in the office, without which I could not run my business. 

Whatever your level of competence, they can support you and I cannot recommend them highly enough. 

They are a lovely couple and a pleasure to know and to work with, as everything is done in an easy to understand and uncomplicated way with complete back up, ongoing education and support. 

It’s unusual to meet such talented people who are also unassuming and lovely with it considering how much knowledge they have between them! 

Check them out and keep a note of their number for future assistance.

Jane Dye - JAVEA