"Let me express my admiration for Karla Darocas' latest book. It presents an exceptional concept that combines world-class art with the rich history of Spain. Reading these narratives in English for the first time has been an absolute delight, and my affection for them knows no bounds. As always, Karla writes with both expertise and passion.

The narratives are accompanied by corresponding paintings, which are thoughtfully elucidated within the stories. Among these, my personal favourite is the tale of the lovers of Teruel. A while back, we embarked on a journey to Teruel with Karla, and her profound insights into the subject truly enhanced our appreciation of the renowned monument. The essence of Spanish culture truly comes to life within these pages. I wholeheartedly recommend this book!"

* Trudi van Dorp, Benitachell



“What a wonderful idea to retell Spain's most passionate stories for us in English. As always, Karla's new book, Passion & Pride at the Prado, is written in her very knowledgeable and exciting style. She always explores and explains the most beautiful art. It really is a must-read for lovers of Spanish culture, as it opens up a world of understanding for your Spanish heritage. The seven stories in this book are charged with a mixture of emotions and offer a variety of insights into the deep historical roots of this great country.

My favourite stories? The Lovers of Teruel is a sad and beautiful true love story. It is one of those stories about an impossible love that comes between the class differences between rich and poor. The painting that shows the story is beautiful, and I hope to stand in front of it one day in the Prado Museum.

I also found the story of The Conversion of the Duke of Gandia very interesting. A must-visit is the Palace of Gandia and you will understand this trip better after reading the story. The painting that accompanies this story is also incredible. Looking at it again now in the Prado, I will understand its meaning even better.”

* Diana from Javea