"It was interesting and enjoyable to listen to Karla's explanation of the striking work and life of the painter Kahlo. Karla has a relaxed way of explaining everything. I would recommend her."

- Regina Van der Laan


"Excellent course! Top-class teaching and a very welcoming atmosphere where everyone could feel safe and welcome. I signed up partly because art is interesting and inspiring, and to meet new people. I received much more than I signed up for. Highly recommended!

What features did I like about Karla's teaching style? Her enthusiasm.

Would you recommend Karla Darocas' teaching? Yes.

- Janni Warrer Hansen"


"I did not appreciate the artwork of Dali, but now, oh my God, I look with different eyes! Karla is an amazing teacher with a beautiful presentation. I love to have more lectures; nutrition for my soul, really. What do I like about Karla's teaching style? Everything. "

- Veerle Vermoesen, Javea


"Salvador Dalí: Madman or Genius?

His paintings may appear chaotic and psychedelic to my untrained eye. Karla clearly explains his obsessions and phobias, which manifest as symbols within his artwork. As the 20th century's progressed, so did his creativity.

His obsession with Freud and finally adopting a scientific outlook changed his approach to his work. Karla is knowledgeable and enthusiastic, effectively conveying that passion to the class participants.

The lectures are enlightening and enjoyable. I highly recommend Karla's classes."

- Hilary Coward

BOOK REVIEW - Viva Collection. Volume One

arla Ingleton-Darocas has created a wonderfully complex and informative read on Spanish history with this book. It delves into historical buildings and their inhabitants over the centuries, discussing art, artists, architecture, interior design of different eras of Spanish history, and even the significance of lemons to the Spanish lifestyle. 

Just like her other books, Karla has enhanced her narrative with exquisite photos from her personal collection, making them accessible to all readers. 

Reading this book rekindled my interest in Spanish history and art, and I believe it will evoke the same curiosity in others, compelling them to witness it firsthand. 

I'm truly impressed by the book; Karla's research is impeccable as always. The inclusion of personal details that you won't find in standard history books, such as information about the families of Spanish kings and nobles, the Roman and Muslim influences on Spanish culture, insights into artists and their families, and the connections between historical buildings and their ownership, all make for an extremely intriguing read. This information was entirely new to me, and it adds to the book's allure. 

Overall, I find this to be a marvelous and successful book.

- Gina from Germany 

BOOK REVIEW * VIVA * Volume #1

"The VIVA Spain book series by Karla Darocas has recently launched with Volume I, and it brings delightful news. This volume offers a captivating collection of stories about Spain, encompassing its rich culture, splendid art, awe-inspiring architecture, and the wonders of nature.

What sets these essays apart is the enthralling information carefully woven into each narrative. Even if you think you've experienced it all before, Karla manages to surprise you with intricate details and background insights that encourage a deeper exploration of the subject. An excellent example is the mesmerizing account of the visit to the Santiago de Uclés Monastery.

Through her writing, Karla takes you on a fascinating art history journey through various regions of Spain, akin to soaring in a helicopter, piquing your curiosity, and urging you to land and delve into these captivating locales.

Each story's tone is thoughtfully tailored to match its content. From the cheerful enthusiasm when discussing lemons in 'When Life in Spain Gives You Lemons' to the eloquent choice of words in the tale of Jusepe de Ribera and the painting of the Lady with the Beard, the stories effortlessly engage and captivate the reader.

Reading this book is an absolute pleasure, and it becomes a cherished companion to take along on your explorations to museums and places of interest, igniting the desire for action. Let's Go!"

- Trudi van Dorp, History teacher (Benitachell)



 "I live in Javea so of course I know of the artist Joaquín Sorolla and how he would come here to holiday with his family and I have visited the Sorolla museum in Madrid which is set in his former family home. When I saw that Karla was giving a lecture on Sorolla I didn’t hesitate to sign up as I wanted to learn more about him. 

Karla told us about Sorolla’s early life, how he and his sister were orphaned at a young age and how he became interested in art at around the age of nine. I did not realize that he studied in both Rome and Paris before returning to Valencia to marry Clotilde Garcia del Castillo. I found this biography of him to be very interesting, it made me appreciate the man behind the artist.
Karla presented a slideshow of various works, both landscapes and portraits. I particularly liked his paintings of children - commissioned works of privileged children born in the upper classes and those less fortunate, as of physically disabled children bathing in the sea in Valencia, entitled Sad Inheritance. Of course, we also get to see his own children depicted in his works.
All this background information was particularly useful as I went with Karla to the Bancaja Foundation in Valencia for a Sorolla exhibition of some eighty-six of his paintings. It was wonderful to see the originals of those that I saw on the slideshow in Karla’s studio.
Karla has an in-depth knowledge of the art world and the painters and has a talent for sharing that knowledge in her talks in a relaxed way."

- Maggie from Javea