EVOLUTION of Spanish Baroque Painting

"As usual, Karla combines history, to explain the context of the times, and the pictorial techniques, to help us better "read" a painting. She talks about the painters' lives, their travels, motivations and influences. 

Altogether, this makes for a very interesting and informative lecture. In this case, the evolution of Spanish baroque religious painting. 

I am looking forward to the next lecture on Spanish baroque profane painting.

Karla is very knowledgeable in Spanish culture and history.

I recommend Karla Darocas teachings"

* Josette Jouas, Denia

Spanish DOGS - History Book

"Well, I must admit that I have never given any though to the representation of dogs in art. As the owner of two Spanish dogs, I will now. 

From prehistoric through to the 20th century, Karla guides us in interpreting the art, and also engages us to understand better the roles that dogs played in daily life.  

Karla writes in an engaging fashion, and brings the subject to life very well. I often judge people based on how they treat their animals; now I’ll be both noticing, and interpreting the dogs I see in art. 

I always enjoy the opportunity to increase my appreciation and understanding of art, and this book has opened a new window for me to look through."

Chris Newkirk * Las Peñitas, Nicaragua

Spanish DOGS - History Book

"There are tons of books on "Dogs", so what makes Karla's book stand out? I would even say, what makes it exceptional?

It is the first book on dogs in Spanish history and culture. The means by which she chooses to present them appeals to me greatly - through artefacts and Spanish Art.

Her time period spans from the time of the Neanderthals to modern times. She speaks of the working dog, the dogs of war and lap dogs. Her illustrations go from religious art to court paintings. We discover famous painters and their relation to dogs (from Goya to Picasso).

Her book is very detailed.

What makes it interesting to read are the many stories and anecdotes that accompany the information. Karla, with her artistic background, leads us into a painting and draws our attention to something we would not necessarily see ourselves, and explains the "why and the how".

I strongly recommend Karla's book for those who love dogs, Spanish history and culture, and/or Spanish art. Her writing style is easy to follow."

* Josette Jouas, Denia