"I learned so much!! I have lived in Jávea for many years, had heard about the famous painter Sorolla, met people who took painting classes about Sorolla's pieces, and saw paintings by him. In Karla's lecture, I learned so many details about Sorolla's life, works, where he lived, and saw the beautiful colours in many of his paintings. What stood out to me was to realise how much Sorolla must have loved Jávea - with all its beautiful beaches, the light, people, and landscapes. Karla's knowledge is huge, and I just love her teaching in every way. I absolutely recommend her!"

* Angelika Goette, Benitachell


"I love the Sorolla paintings and it was nice to hear and to see how much Sorolla painted in the place where we live... We even could recognize some places because you told us Karla. Thanks for this. I enjoyed it!"

* Heidi Weiss Benissa


"We have attended a number of Karla's talks in the past and like to come back for more. We learned about Sorolla's journey from young painter to wealthy exhibitor; his need to paint for the masses to enable funding for more adventurous projects to be funded by the well-healed and nobility; the social consciousness that drove him to use art as a means of communication to enlighten those in the wider world and his wonderful use of light, color and texture. We examined his style comprising a juxtaposition of 'true life' painting within an impressionist nest of light, color and strong brush strokes. The sad end of Sorolla's life was brought into sharp focus at the end of the lecture. What stood out for me was the incredible warmth that this painter imbued in his art and the ways in which he invited participation from the viewer in understanding the messages he was clearly using his art to convey. Karla teaching style is enthusiastic and she is knowledgeable about her topics and clearly very moved by the subjects of her talks. Her studio atmosphere is relaxed and inviting of interjection and comment.Yes, I recommend her."

* Christopher H.A. Bell, B.Sc., M.B.A., M.Sc, Benissa


"Loved it. It was the quickest 2 hrs I've known for a long time. We didn't appreciate before hand how he pushed the boundaries for his time. Karla's teaching style is down to earth & not 'high brow'
I recommend it."

* Helen Ellis, Cumbre del Sol


I have learned lots and lots and lots! Very grateful for all the information and interesting anecdotes you imparted. Lots of lovely images which expanded enormously my knowledge of Sorolla's huge canon of work and his developing techniques. Loads of thanks. Recommended."

* Trevor Colgate, Benidoleig


"I discovered about Sorolla's life and career path. His development as he progressed. Great illustrations of his developing style. Karla speaks in a way which is so expressive and exact in meaning. I find her information so easy to remember as she so pictorial with her words. I absolutely recommend her lectures."

* Wendy Loxley


"I was keen to learn more about Isabella after attending a Javea Walk with Karla. Isabella was linked to the architectural styles of some of the buildings. Karla's lecture was really interesting. She told us about Isabella's life before showing us portraits to explain about the woman herself. I learnt a lot about the history of Spain as well as about the Queen. I have attended many of Karla's lectures - she has a vast knowledge of art that she kindly shares with her students. She makes the lecturers really interesting. I am so impressed that she lectures without notes.Yes, I would definitely recommend her teachings."

* Karen Stephens, Javea